Herbalife Reviews: Job Benefits Beyond the Name

Herbalife has managed to make a name for itself amongst a slew of competitors in the wellness industry, largely because the company has created a culture where employees can thrive at every level. Throughout the many departments, there’s a common thread that unites the people who work there. We’ll look at why employees derive so much satisfaction from their jobs, and how Herbalife supports everyone affiliated with their products.

Looking Past the Products

With Herbalife, the goal of the products is so much more than meets the eye. The company was designed to help customers reach their wellness goals by taking a personalized nutrition journey. Along the way, they begin to make sustainable changes to their diet and fitness habits. It’s more than protein shakes and tea — it’s a way for people to boost their metabolism and get more nutrients into their everyday diets. From health clubs to distributors, people find Herbalife through a variety of channels and end up taking a step forward toward a better life.

This explains why employees value their roles so much. The scientists who develop the product are tasked with creating supplements that help people feel their best. Nutrition experts and fitness trainers develop content and educational materials to help independent distributors coach and train their customers. The company’s tech team develops apps, tools, and platforms to support the whole process, making sure the information is delivered to the independent distributors. It’s a never-ending chain of people who look out for one another, encouraging people to lead their best lives.

Employees are given chance after chance to carve out the role they want. In one review, a nutrition director at Herbalife praised the company for her upward mobility. The reviewer got started as a sponsorship coordinator before moving up to work with professional athletes all over the world.


The Reality of Herbalife 

Herbalife has job opportunities in nearly every corner of the globe, employing everyone from packaging technicians to compliance managers, to scientists and web developers. On the business opportunity front, the products are distributed by independent entrepreneurs who want to make a difference. People join Herbalife to expand their skills and change people’s lives, but they stay at Herbalife because they find more than just a paycheck.

When health is on everyone’s mind today, it’s important to develop high-quality nutritional products, but also provide educational content to help customers understand overall good nutrition and exercise. Each and every customer of Herbalife has their own goals. Some may want more energy on a daily basis while others might want to lose several pounds. And there are customers who want to make drastic 180° turnarounds. Independent distributors not only take the time to learn these goals, but they also analyze a customer’s progress to understand more about what can be done to optimize their health.

The Ripple Effect 

Herbalife supports a number of wellness initiatives and groups, organizing everything from nutrition education to blood drives. You can see their efforts reflected in a number of achievements. Herbalife reviews are a big reason why Forbes listed the company as one of America’s Best Midsize Employers in 2018.

From South Africa to Mexico, the standards of Herbalife earned consistent accolades for nurturing talent and demonstrating superior leadership. Online, ratings on popular ranking websites like Indeed and Glassdoor show that the majority of people have a positive impression of their position.

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